Resident pages

Our tenants have access to tenant pages, which make doing business online easier. Our tenant pages serve our tenants in matters related to housing anywhere, anytime.

You can log in to the tenant pages at

Here’s how to enable the tenant pages:

The introduction of tenant pages requires strong authentication with a mobile certificate or online banking ID. Once you have logged in, create a username and password for yourself to log in to your tenant pages in the future. Please remember to verify your username. You will receive confirmation in your email.

Use of the tenant pages requires that you have a valid lease. You will not be able to log in to the tenant pages as a home seeker or after your tenancy has expired.

On the resident pages you will find:

You can view and update your own information in the My Information section of the tenant pages, if necessary.

  • Notices: Tenant notices for the property are reported here.
  • Messages: allows you to send messages to customer service or the rental manager
  • Notice of defect: this allows you to make an electronic maintenance request.
  • My finances: in this section you can view your own payments and payment information. Here you will also find information about valid agreements.
  • Housing services and contact information

Move-in inspection

On the tenant pages all new tenants must fill out the move-in inspection form within 7 days of moving in. In the move-in inspection the tenant checks the apartment and fills out a form. On the form, the tenant will report any defects or deficiencies found during the inspection. The form can be found in the My Finances section.

So come check out our new electronic service and start using the website today!