Ending your tenancy

The lease must always be terminated in writing.

You can terminate a lease that is valid until further notice electronically using either bank IDs or a mobile certificate. If the lease agreement has several parties to the agreement, all parties must make the termination separately with their own ID: s.

Once the electronic termination has been successfully completed, you will receive confirmation of the termination of the lease in your email.

Do the electronic termination here    

You can also complete the written termination of the lease in paper form.

You can fill out the termination form at our office or send us a free-form notice of termination by post. Note that the stamp on the letter must be from the month of termination.

Please remember to add your phone number on the free-form notice of termination, in case we need to contact you. We will also forward your phone number to the next potential tenant, so you can negotiate a suitable time for an apartment viewing with them.

If you have pets at the apartment, please let us know at the time of termination so that this can be taken into consideration in the apartment inspection.  

Print out the termination form here.    

If a married or cohabiting couple is to break up, the joint tenancy agreement must be terminated in writing. A new agreement will then be made for the remaining tenant in the apartment.