Living in rental housing

Living at Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy

Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy complies with the Limited Liability Companies Act, Act on State-subsidized Housing Loans (ARAVA Act) laws and regulations, as well as laws on the rental of residential apartments and on joint administration of rental housing.

Particular attention is paid to the comfort of residential environments, peacefulness and safety, in an effort to create a pleasant living environment as well as economic and sustainable urban structure.

Administrative rules

Administrative rules improve resident satisfaction, increase safety and help maintain good neighborliness. Guidelines common to all residents serve as a reminder to remain respectful of others with one’s behavior and actions. Every resident is responsible for ensuring that their guests also comply with these rules.

Rescue plan

Have you looked at the rescue plan for your property? The rescue plan has information on what to do in case of a fire or other emergency.

Fire safety

Cleanliness and care are effective means of preventing fires. Burn candles on nonflammable surfaces only and do not leave any candles burning unattended. Test your smoke detector monthly. Get a fire blanket and learn how to use it. Take care of the fire safety of electronic appliances. Use electronic devices in accordance with their instructions and leave any repair or installation work of these devices to professionals. Vacuum the condensers of refrigerator equipment, external surfaces of the compressor and clean the grease filter of the cooker hood regularly.


Handle your keys with care and let us know immediately if they go missing. Nearly all our properties have iLOQ locking system, so we can disable any lost keys immediately. However, you will be liable for the expenses of rekeying and the purchase of new keys.


Park your car only in a parking space to prevent blocking any emergency access roads and to ensure that the yard areas remain clear. For vacant parking spaces, please contact our office.