Housing counselling

Difficulty in payment of rent? Threat of eviction? Dispute with a neighbor?

A housing counselor can help, advise and guide you with any problems regarding housing. Its purpose is to:

  • promote resident wellbeing and the comfort of residential environments
  • prevent evictions with early intervention on arrears of rent and disruptive lifestyle
  • identify the causes for resident’s housing issues and direct them to the right services
  • offer guidance in questions regarding housing and life management
  • develop collaboration with residents
  • work in cooperation with residents, the property company and various authorities

The housing counselor’s office is located in Koivuhaan palvelukeskus. Please do not hesitate to contact the counselor before the problems grow insurmountable.

Housing counselor Tiia Kuopusjärvi is present by appointment. You can contact her on this number 044-780 9973 or via email at tiia.kuopusjarvi@soite.fi.

Housing counselling is part of the service provided by Soite and Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy to all residents residing in apartments owned by the company or the city.