Disturbance report

In order to maintain residential peace, tenants can report any significant disturbances. In case of disturbance, you can try to discuss the situation with your neighbor, submit a written disturbance report and in the more severe cases of disturbance, vandalism and violence, report it to the police.

Apartment housing is communal living where certain ground rules apply. Everyone has the same set of rights and responsibilities that must be upheld. A disturbance report must be submitted under your own name, even though the information is not disclosed to the subject of the submitted report.

A disturbance report must be in written form and must be delivered signed to the Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy office. You can drop the written report into a mailbox located in the main hallway of Koivuhaan Palvelukeskus.

Please note that if a disturbance does not require the police to be called on the scene, we will not be made aware of the situation. The residents must have a written disturbance report sent to the office for us to be able to get involved.