Building rules of conduct


These regulations have been approved to protect the residential satisfaction of the residents in our properties. Everyone has the responsibility to behave and act with the other residents in mind. Every resident is responsible for ensuring that their guests also comply with these rules. The municipal regulations and legislation contain rules regarding properties.

Shared spaces and yard areas

  • Entrance doors must remain locked between the hours of 21:00-7:00. When using the doors between these hours, please ensure that the doors lock again after passing through.
  • Refrain from causing too much noise in shared spaces and yard areas. Especially between the hours 22:00-7:00.
  • The laundry room and drying loft are open to residents every day between the hours of 7:00-22:00.
  • Smoking and loitering in those spaces is forbidden. Order and cleanliness must be exercised in shared spaces and yard areas.
  • For fire safety reasons, belongings can only be stored in spaces reserved for the purpose. Fire safety regulations must be followed in storing flammable substances.
  • Installation of signs, advertisements and antennas is permitted only with permission from the company.
  • The company should be notified of any detected faults in the property.

Waste management

Household waste and other rubbish need to be bagged when taking them to the waste bin. Additionally, the regulations for sorting of waste must be followed.

Residents are responsible for the disposal of other non-household waste. Any waste hazardous to the environment should be taken to a disposal site designated by waste management.


With permission from the company, parking of vehicles is only allowed on marked and reserved spots. Idle running of cars on the property is forbidden.


  • Do not disturb your neighbors. Especially avoid loud noises between 22:00-7:00.
  • Smoking indoors negatively impacts the overall condition of the apartment and for this reason it would be desirable that you avoid smoking inside the apartment. Expenses from fixing damages caused by smoking indoors may be charged from the tenant’s security deposit.
  • The apartment must be maintained with care. Leakages and other faults must be reported to the company as soon as possible.
  • When moving in/out and doing any kind of renovation work, please remain respectful of the residential satisfaction of your neighbors and the cleanliness of the stairway.
  • You must notify your neighbors in advance if you’re planning on some work that will cause loud noise or disturbance. This work should be carried out before 21:00 on weekdays. The company has to be informed if this work concerns structures or piping.
  • Do not put any waste down the drains or the toilet, that could potentially clog or damage the drains.
  • Cooking on the balcony is forbidden. All balconies mut be kept clean.
  • Ventilating the apartment into the stairway is forbidden.

Notice of moving out

For the internal administration of the company, the company must be informed about a tenant moving in or out.


Dusting carpets or bedding is allowed only on the designated balconies or areas, and only at a notified time. While dusting and airing of clothing and bedding as well as drying laundry is allowed on the balcony of your apartment, please refrain from hanging them on the railing.


Outside the apartments, pets must be on a leash. They must not disturb residents or anyone in shared spaces, or dirty the building or the lot. Walking pets in the children’s play area and its immediate vicinity is forbidden.

Violation of rules

Violation of these rules may lead to liability for damages or to termination of the lease.