For the applicant

Applying for an apartment

We make tenant selections based only on housing applications. Calls and visits do not speed up the process of obtaining an apartment from us.

Therefore, we recommend filling out the application as soon as possible, as vacancies are only offered to individuals and families who have applied for them.

An application remains valid for three (3) months.

In case you have also applied to Kt Oy Tankkari, please message, so they can renew your application to Tankkari, otherwise your application to Tankkari will be expired.

Please check that the application is filled out correctly and that all applicants are included in the application. Please note that an incomplete application may delay processing the application. We will contact you if we are able to offer an apartment that matches your application.

We send our offers by phone or via email.

Remember to renew your application if you haven’t been offered an apartment after 3 months.

The credit history of the applicant will always be checked.

Changes to the application

If you wish to make changes to your application or renew your application, please contact us by phone at 040 181 7400 or via email

Switching to another apartment

If you are switching from a one-room apartment to another one-room apartment or from a two-bedroom apartment into another two-bedroom apartment, you will be charged 100€ for office and maintenance fees. This amount must be paid before signing the new lease.