Tenant pages

The tenant pages serve our tenants with all kinds of housing related matters whenever and wherever.

Apply for an apartment

We make tenant selections based only on housing applications. Calls and visits do not speed up the process of obtaining an apartment from us.

Therefore, we recommend filling out the application as soon as possible, as vacancies are only offered to individuals and families who have applied for them. An application remains valid for 3 months.

Notice of defect

Report any faults found in your apartment or property by filling out the fault report.

In cases that require immediate action (E.g., leakage and broken windows), contact local on-call property maintenance immediately.

Ending of rent agreement

A lease must always be terminated in writing.

You can terminate a non-fixed term lease electronically using either your mobile certificate or online banking ID. If there are several parties to the lease, all parties must terminate the lease separately using their own IDs.

Once the online termination of the lease has been successfully completed, you will receive an email confirmation of the termination.