Rent level


Rent level for apartments at Kokkolan Vuokra Asunnot Oy is determined by break-even pricing.

Relative to general pricing and standard of equipment, the apartments are inexpensive. The rent includes heating in most properties. Any diverging costs will be mentioned at the latest when concluding the contract.

Security deposit

Starting from 1.1.2014, all properties require payment of a security deposit. The security deposit is usually equal to one (1) month’s rent, rounded up to the nearest hundred. The deposit must be delivered before signing the lease. The deposit can be a bank transfer, or a social assistance voucher provided by KELA / the municipality.

The deposit is kept in a company owned bank account for the entire duration of the tenancy. The deposit payment will be returned to the tenant, when it has been shown that the tenant has fulfilled their obligations and handed over the cleaned apartment in proper condition as well as all its keys. The lessor has the right to withhold a portion of the deposit for all their claims arising under the terms of the rental agreement.

Under exceptional circumstances a security deposit equal to 3 months maximum may be required in order to secure an apartment. These situations are always dealt with on a case-by-case basis.