Our tenants can rent available parking spaces and carport spaces from the property.

When parking on the property please note the following:

  • Parking on the property is only allowed on the spaces intended for the purpose
  • Parking on the property’s parking space is allowed for those who have rented a spot
  • Make sure to park your car in a way that makes it easy for other residents to also use the parking spaces
  • Only vehicles in use may be parked in the parking spaces
  • The emergency access roads must ALWAYS remain accessible
  • Cables should be plugged in to the heating pole only when heating up the car
  • Washing your car in the yard is not allowed!
  • The visitor parking spaces are only meant for temporary parking for visitors. Please direct your guests to park appropriately
  • Please note that not all properties have separate parking spaces for visitors
  • If you have two parking spots, you may have to give up the other one if someone else needs a parking spot and there are no available ones
  • It should be noted that during winter, cars not parked appropriately may obstruct snow plowing and sanding of the yard areas


Charging the vehicle from the car socket is strictly prohibited! The car socket is only intended for heating the car’s engine. Electrical cabling is not rated for use with indoor space heaters or for charging vehicles. The company has the right to bill for additional electricity consumption or caused damages from the tenant.

The following considerations should be made when driving on the property:

  • When driving in the yard, you should always exercise great caution and drive slowly, as there may be children playing in the yard who may not be aware of cars
  • Driving in the yard is forbidden!
  • Only necessary driving for emergency and maintenance purposes is allowed
  • Residents may drive and park in the yard only for loading and unloading of goods, and only for a short period of time
  • During winter, cars not parked appropriately may obstruct snow plowing and sanding of the yard areas

If you are in need of a parking spot, please contact our customer service!