Rent control

You may occasionally experience difficulties with rent payments for various reasons. Whatever the reason may be, don’t let the problems pile up, and please contact our rent control. They will guide you with all your questions regarding rent payments.

We will always send a reminder about any unpaid rent. If a notice of cancellation has to be sent to the tenant, the 30€ of expenses from carrying out the cancellation will be charged from the tenant. The 65€ of expenses from the district court judgement will also be charged form the tenant.

So please contact our rent control as soon as possible if, for one reason or another, you are experiencing delays with your rent payments.

Please note that the lease can be terminated for reasons of unpaid rent. The landlord can start the eviction process either by first terminating the tenant’s lease, or by directly applying to the district court for an eviction order. If necessary, unpaid rent can be collected from the tenant in court.

You can contact rent control at 040 – 579 1015 or by sending an e-mail to